The connection to the shore has played a significant role in the creation and layout of coastal communities within Nova Scotia. This connection has shaped who we are, our cultural norms and our identity.  

With the coast playing such a vital role in everything we do; it is hard to believe that there have been little planning efforts to protect and manage this space at any level of government.  

We want to be your guide in claiming a place within the authority. To model how municipalities can plan within the Federal Marine Spatial Planning Program. We will work with Municipalities and private developers to create policies and plans to support economic growth on the coast while carefully considering the environment and protecting our ocean resources. 


Community Coastal
Strategies + Plans

We would love to work with your community to create a coastal strategy that will enable and support economic growth within your region while considering and protecting our ocean resource. 

Marine Spatial Planning
Connection + Support

Marine Spatial Planning is a public process of analyzing and mapping the distribution of human activities in marine areas. We help Municipalities to document their coastal assets, describing social, economic, and cultural features and descriptions of human activities. This data can then be used to help make decisions and develop tangible policies on how best to use and develop coastal areas. 

Private Development
Coastal Adaption Design

Are you looking to develop a coastal property? We work with developer and property owners to understand Municipal and Provincial (Future) regulations around developing in coastal regions. We use our knowledge to provide landscape and building designs to protect against flooding and storm surges. 


If you are still here and interested in our services, give us a call. It’s never a shore thing, but we have a history sparing our clients quite the headache.